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Updating General Asset Information Upon Disposal

We have clients that will partially dispose of an asset, transfer the remaining portion, and then dispose of the newly transferred portion. When that remaining portion is transferred, the asset ID changes, so in order to properly reconcile the disposals, it is necessary to update the asset ID to reflect the "updated ID". From a reporting perspective, for these clients, it makes no difference whether we perform the transfer or not. It would be ideal if, similar to the transfer feature, there was a way to update the asset ID upon disposal.

Mechanically Speaking: (all in the same year)

Asset ID 100 cost of $100,000

Disposed of $50,000

Transferred to a different cost center/Asset ID changes

Disposed of remaining $50,000 under updated asset ID

Because it makes no difference whether we transfer the asset or not, and there are thousands of these, we do not transfer them. However, we would like the disposals to be shown on both asset IDs for reconciliation purposes.

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  • Nov 29 2022
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