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Print Last Disposal Only (Or choose which ones to print).

When I select first "Print Detail" and then "Disposal", I receive a Disposal page with information pertaining to my last disposal/partial disposal on it and I receive blank partial disposal pages for every single partial disposal at that asset. Not only is this annoying to have to delete (because I only need the most recent partial disposal to show up), but it is also inaccurate as those other pages should have data on them as well. Should I ever need info on previous partial disposals, I would have to delete the most current one to get to it, and then re-enter that information and re-dispose the asset.

Anyway, an opportunity to toggle which disposal/partial disposals to print would be highly invaluable to anyone's support-gathering process.

  • Shane Smith
  • Jul 12 2023
  • One For The Future
  • Jan 12, 2024

    Admin response

    Thank you for the product idea!

    We have logged the blank disposal pages as an issue for correction in an upcoming release.

    Update 11/1/2023: The issue of printing blank disposal pages is fixed in the next release, v2024.1, scheduled for January 2024. All disposal information will now be printed for an asset.

  • Shane Smith commented
    18 Jul, 2023 02:40pm

    Thank you for creating this space for us to submit ideas! Looking forward to the update.