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Remember the last location batch files were saved instead of defaulting to Sage location

When running batch reports, I have to change the saved location for each company, each time I run the batch. This takes time. It would helpful if the program remembered the last saved location each time the batch was run.

  • Dwendroff Dwendroff
  • Sep 4 2023
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  • Admin
    Ann Donie commented
    7 Sep, 2023 10:32am

    Thank you for the suggestion, Dwendroff!

    Currently, the location for Batch Reports defaults to the user's setting for "Default path for file creation" in File>\Preferences. This path applies to all companies, each time Run Batch Reports is opened; as it is a global preference.

    As you state, it would be more efficient if the Run Batch Reports dialog remembered the last used file location - for each company.

    Makes sense!