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Section 179 - Bulk 179 Switches for Tax Years

As a tax accountant using the software I need the ability to bulk change the values of Section 179 Deduction So it can save me time and allow me to complete my tasks faster

Maybe an option to take all or none for S179?

User selects assets (or a group of assets) to change.

Choose "Take S179" and system calculates S179 at maximum value for the asset (Acq Value * BU%). Assets are recalculated as of the PIS date.

Choose "Do not take S179" and system changes S179 to $0. Assets are recalculated as of the PIS date.

You can use the Audit Advisor to check the total Section 179 taken across all assets. Especially now that S179 is >$1,00,000, this would be a time saver.

  • James Reese
  • Apr 21 2022
  • One For The Future