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Allow State and User Books to default MF (no bonus) and AD methods

Sage City Idea:

"Currently FAS has the State book defaulting to Tax, and this can not be changed. Not sure why it can't be changed. Tax is Bonus Eligible and therefore typically gets a MA depreciation method. While State is not a bonus depreciation item and should be MF as opposed to MA. SO we are always having to change it. thus defeating the point of it being set to emulate the tax book. Seems it would be a simple fix to make the State book able to be changed to have its own default so it can be set to MF.

Also MF and AD need to be added to the default options. We had to set up an ADS book and can not get it to default to AD so we always have to change this as well. Not a big deal either way, but the default system as currently set up does not really serve any function. Thanks!!"

State does not need to Emulate Tax - Allocating Depreciation - Sage Fixed Assets - Sage City Community

Products: Depreciation - U.S. Companies

Add methods MF and AD to the list of default methods for all books other than AMT and ACE in Edit Company

When adding or importing assets PIS 1/1/87 and later the system would:

For the default of MF, the MF% and Est Life is shown below for each Property Type

For the default of AD, the Estimated Life will be the ADS Life as defaulted (or entered) for the Tax book for each Property Type

For PT Z or V, default the same as the method and life as the tax book if MF or AD

TBD: What if the PIS Date is during 1986 or earlier? MF and AD are first available 8/1/1986 (5 months before 1/1/87 transition period.) ANS: If not available, then use the Tax Method applicable for the PIS date (AT or SL)?

TBD: What if the tax book uses MR or MI methods?

  • James Reese
  • Apr 21 2022
  • One For The Future